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All About Botox!

Updated: Mar 6, 2020

Today's topic is, you guessed it, all about BOTOX®! I have heard so many people, close friends and family included, talk about this topic with SO many misconceptions! I wanted to share some insights, information, and my personal experience with BOTOX® to help clear up what it is, what it does, and what it doesn't do.

What it is: BOTOX® is a BRAND of the toxin onabotulinumtoxinA. The brand BOTOX® is approved by the FDA and backed by over 16 published studies. According to the BOTOX® website, the FDA backs the brand by stating: "it is 'non-interchangeable.' That means its safety and effectiveness cannot be claimed by another product. The potency – or strength – of BOTOX® Cosmetic is measured in scientifically defined units that cannot be compared to any other product, due to its unique manufacturing process. There are no substitutes for our product."

What it DOES NOT do: First, let me clear up the biggest misconception I have heard. People have asked "doesn't it make your face where you can't move" and other statements like "I don't want to look like my face is pulled taught like I've had a bad face lift." BOTOX® does not do this! It works by paralyzing or "relaxing" the muscles in your face that cause lines and wrinkles. Over time, squinting, smiling, frowning, etc. in combination with environmental and other factors contribute to these unsightly lines and wrinkles. So, if it relaxes your muscles, how can they be drawn back tight? Think about it...

What it DOES: As stated, it relaxes your muscles. Without the full "flexing" of the muscles, over time the lines and wrinkles begin to smooth. When BOTOX® is administered correctly, a subtle, softer look emerges within a week to two weeks after treatment. A successful treatment should leaving you looking like yourself, with just fewer lines and wrinkles. No one should be able to tell you've had anything done. They may just wonder why you look refreshed and rested.

Before in 2018

Before in 2018; my "elevens"

2018 Results


"Will I be able to move my face? I don't want to be expressionless..."

Yes, you can still move your face! That's another misconception I hear a lot! You would have to put an OBSCENE and unhealthy amount of it in your face to get to that point! BOTOX® is somewhat an art form; make sure to use a professional with plenty of experience and you will love the look!

"Is it permanent?"

No, BOTOX® is not permanent. Depending on how your body metabolizes it, results typically last from four to six months. Mine usually lasts about five months. However, during that time frame, you can take full advantage of the benefits by keeping up a good skincare regimen to help prevent further wrinkles and lines. And if for some reason you don't like it, don't get it again! It's that simple! I highly doubt that you won't like it, though!

"How much does it cost?"

Costs vary from provider to provider. I have mine done at my dermatologist and they charge $12/unit. From my research, this is a pretty typical price. There are several ways to save/cut down on the cost, however. Brilliant Distinctions is a rewards program for BOTOX® and other injectables and select skin care products. Many times there are coupons. At my most recent trip, I had a $10 reward and a $50 off coupon. Their website explains how the program works and how you can save. Also, many providers hosts events and savings programs. For example, my derm hosts a couple of open houses each year with savings on everything they offer. Plus, they have "treat yourself Tuesdays" where they offer special discounts. Their next "treat yourself Tuesday" will offer 15% off BOTOX® and $100 off fillers. This will take the cost of the BOTOX® down to $10.20/unit. You can purchase your units even if you don't need them at the time and have them put on your account for later use. Shop around and see what you can find!

"How much will I need?"

This is something you will have to determine with your provider. Most of them offer free consultations. My suggestion would be to schedule an appointment and see how many units they recommend, how much they charge, and start saving your coins! Throw your change in a jar, skip the Starbucks, and before you know it, you'll have a cushy little BOTOX® fund! Lol!

Just to give you an idea, I got 33 units my first visit, and 39 my second visit. The areas I got treated the first time were my forehead lines, my "elevens" (the vertical lines between your eyes when you squint), and my chin because I subconsciously frown a lot when doing certain tasks. The second time I got it done, I also got eight units around my lips for the BOTOX® "lip flip." You can also get it done around the eyes for crow's feet. I have been blessed to not have those show up...yet!

"How long is a treatment session?"

Super fast! We're talking less than 10 minutes! In and out.

"Does it hurt?"

Pain is relative and personal. It does not hurt to me. It literally feels like a tiny prick or pinch. The needle is SO thin and tiny, and it's just going right below the surface. I have SUPER anxiety about anything medical, and it does not bother me at all. In my opinion, a finger stick for blood hurts way worse!

Have more questions? Let me know! Have you had BOTOX®? What was your experience like? I would love to know!

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