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Some Favs from Amazon!

Updated: Oct 28, 2021

Who doesn't love Amazon?! Am I right? Especially if you have prime! Don't get me wrong; I do love supporting local businesses. I used to own a boutique and know how important shopping local is and I encourage you to do so every chance you get.

However, there's just some things that you can't find locally or that you can get a waaaay better price shopping online. And who doesn't love getting packages in the mail?! I wanted to share some of my favorite things I have ordered from Amazon with you guys. These range from beauty products, to home products, electronics, and everything in between. I am going to break them up into several posts by categories. Today, we'll look at items for the home!

Home Items

Cabinet Hardware

First up, my kitchen cabinet hardware seen here:

I LOVE these simple, modern, gold finish handles. I switched from satin nickel cup pulls to these a couple of years ago. These were an inexpensive, easy way to give my cabinets a little update. I would love to re-do my cabinets to more of a shaker style door, but, you know, $$$. These come packs of fives, tens, fifteens, etc. and the finish on them is gold, but not TOO gold, 'ya know?

Slim-line Beverage Dispenser

We drink SO much water at our house, and we always keep bottled water, as well as gallon jug waters. Bottled water we usually grab from the garage fridge as we're heading out somewhere, but for upstairs, we like to buy the gallon jugs and fill up this slim-line dispenser. It holds 1.25 gallons, is thin, and fits great in our fridge. Takes up way less room than putting the gallon of water in with the gallon of milk, gallon of tea, gallon get it. Plus, we like our water COLD and the with the dispenser you can just stick your cup in the fridge and pour; no need to haul out a jug! This is listed for around $20 bucks, but check frequently; I only paid like $10 something when I bought it.

Extra Long Shower Curtain Liner

Have you ever tried to find an extra long shower curtain liner? Nearly impossible! I hung my shower curtain up near the ceiling to make our small master bath feel more spacious. Problem was, I was having trouble finding a liner for my nice waffle-weave curtain. I looked everywhere, including Bed, Bath, and Beyond. Figured if anyone would have one, they would. Nope. Only online. And then it was a fortune for a piece of plastic that was going to mildew eventually. And they didn't have one quite long enough. Enter: Amazon. Found it! I have repurchased this item more times than I can count. Whenever ours starts getting gross, I order an new one and toss the old one. I have to actually trim this one a little bit, but it's super easy.

Dining Chargers

I used to work in events where I would often order table linens, napkins, chargers, napkin rings, etc. out of a high end company in Atlanta. I rented chargers EXACTLY like these for a plated dinner. The only difference is the ones I rented were glass, these are plastic. But for $27.99 for six ($4.66/ea.), these are AMAZING! I actually got them by accident. I was looking at them and had them in our Amazon cart. I didn't make an order that day, but my husband did! They were still in the cart by accident! Lucky me! They come in several colors and can really dress up your tablescape.

Fresh Water Spray Bidet

And on a more personal seriously, this thing is amazing. It is a non-electric bidet that you add to your existing toilet. This bidet comes with everything you need. I actually have to credit the hubs for this one. He found it and installed it and had no trouble. It is wonderful. It has two nozzle cleaning modes, front, or women's, and rear. The front mode is gentler than the rear. Also, it has a "wash" mode. It is great for feeling fresh every day, provides relief when sick, and is a God-send for that time of the month. And it is very affordable at only $30.99! I want one now for our other toilets!

I don't know about you and your fam, but our refrigerator can get downright crazy. I live with all boys and, well, things get put wherever they'll fit at the time. These organizers have helped with that. Plus, they save space by keeping things corralled together. I use the egg one for eggs (obvi), the can one for can drinks (again, obvi), and one of the bigger ones for bottled water or other drinks. I also like to use the other big one for meal prep. I can put all the ingredients together in that one bin and when I get ready to prepare, I just pull it out and have everything ready to go. This also works for when my husband is going to do the prep/cooking; it's already together for him! (He loves to cook, y'all.) The ways you can use these are practically endless and much cheaper than at specialty or big box stores.

That is all for this post! Stay tuned for more favs from Amazon! Is there something you're looking for or have questions about? Let me know! I would love to hear what you guys love to source from Amazon as well! Cheers!

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